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Princess Cynessa – POC

She’s not a disney princess, and her story isn’t really a romance but still she kinda fits the valentine bill so I am posting her now. I am retrofitting her character and so far all I have is maybe her new wardrobe. But I have included some earlier designs and versions of her. I hope you enjoy them…

#1 work in progress

I don't know when I decided that her colors are peach and ivory, but ever since I did that's all I want to dress her in...

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#2 earlier version

she looks like she's pissed off about something here. Probably her dress...

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#3 first gen design

I think this is the first time I tried to do Cynessa in a raytracer...

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#4 awaiting her champion

I also don't remember when I decided to do the flower thing, but I definitely stole the idea from Dorcas. I get a lot of things from Gene Wolfe

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#5 grimtooth and cynessa

So here she is with her champion, Grimtooth Shatterskull. But I'm not going to talk about him today...

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