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Another Dreamguard WIP

I feel like I need to be clear about my process, as there seems to be some confusion regarding how I work… Generally I try to begin with a rough idea of the main character so I understand what is going on and then begin to experiment with some posing and composition

Once that gets resolved, I can introduce the lighting and after everything gets settled then I can do the final. Of course, it could be that I was too hasty and need to revisit some previous steps before I can get a release quality piece. Because I know that, sometimes I deliberately do a WIP like this one just to see how it will fail and what is actually working out. This approach gives me a clear understanding of what needs to happen before I can begin to work on the final version

Although I seriously doubt anyone here is familiar with the teachings of the group of seventeen, I stole this idea from their exhortation to “Let your defeats lead you to victory, and let your triumphs be the springboard to further victory” (when I read that the first time I dismissed it as bullshit propaganda but have since come to find the truth in that philosophy)

#1 work in progress

The soft filter lens worked exactly as expected; it evokes a dreamlike quality that really sells the piece. It seems like the bed might need to be replaced, while the buckler is resolved but I might tweak the wood a bit more, as opposed to the gladius which is most likely the final model, more on that next

#2 gladius test render

So here is the current gladius model, but unfortunately you can't see the nice rosewood handle, hilt and pommel or the fact the there is some brass chasing which will hopefully get fixed for the release version. Otherwise, you'd have to take my word for it...

#3 rough sketch

And here is the obligatory rough sketch- the rimlighting on his buckler really works, so I have to find a way to keep that in the final but everything else is up for grabs


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