WIP for an elementalist

I should begin with admitting that I don’t know what to call the class of magus she is; which is to say she is an elementalist but that word seems a little clunky. If she can only control one type of element then she’d be a hydromancer, pyromancer, aeromancer or geomancer but what if she can summon more than one type of elemental?

Or should I just call her something generic like a thaumaturge?

#1 work in progress

Note that while I have lit the piece for a spell effect, I have not yet included the spell itself...

Is she making the shuni mudra with her left hand? Take my mudra quiz and find out (I've even given you a correct answer) but I think we can safely assume it means something else to a magi

#2 wardrobe study

Here is a back view of her outfit. I hope those scrolls are conferring some type of bonus or power up to her abilities, otherwise she's hauling around a lot of weight for no good reason...

#3 rough sketch

as this is a very dynamic pose, I decided to go fast and loose with the rough sketch


What do you think?


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