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Two people who have an adventure away from home together. One time, one of them, Tono, asked his friend Noto.

“If on this road we suddenly found a sack containing a billion bucks, how do we divide it?”. Surprised by the question, Noto is silent and thinking. But then he replied, “Of course we have to share it!”

“Yeah, sure we share it, but how to share it? How many each got? ”

“Sure to be split equally, is not it?”

“Why should it be divided equally? Did not I am the one who finds it, then I should get more! ”

“Hey, have not we been friends and have been walking together so far, it is fair if we share it the same!” Said Noto began to get upset.

“Ah! Can not be so! Even this idea is my idea! Yummy, No way! ”

Then they argued, even to the point of hitting and kicking and even almost killing each other for starting to use tools like stone and wood to hurt each other. Fortunately, the community managed to intervene and bring them to the police station.

After an interrogation for so long, because very upset at the two of them who were still fighting each other, the police officer who interrogating them snapped, “Stop! Shut up! Where’s the one billion dollar bill, we’ll confiscate it as evidence! ”

The two of them fell silent and Tono lowered his head with a croaked reply, “Well, the money is just fantasy, sir!”


What do you think are the main reasons for their quarrel?

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of The Land of Confusion Series – Friendship


What do you think?

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  1. to Herbert H. Widjojo: I read the clever story and was saddened by the fight without Sight. Then Came the ART. Such a glorious Start. The Ring thing that holds us small humans to follow or lead or burst forth and Sing. The Red is a checker board to start or part into brave roads and think in new ways. The purple is a resting to dream and form a vision of better Days. And the staggerd board below means to me to Wander in Wonder on new found learnings and yearnings and puto on kind but brand new Show.
    I learn from you by your wise sayings and art full of Playings that color Me up in a go and Go.

  2. Typical, insecure humans, never enough. always seeking more, though drowning in abundance.
    “My brother, you should have the Lions’ share, it’s painfully obvious you need it much more than I.”
    Wouldn’t that raise a brow? Again, brilliantly illuminated.

    • Well… How else? We, humans, are often ridiculous even with the excuse of “for the truth!”, And unfortunately, these silly parasites live everywhere, ordinary people (including me) to rulers, sinners to religious leaders.

  3. Some people are under the impression that money and things buy happiness so the more they obtain, the happier they think they’ll be. It’s sad. Also, some people equate things and money with being successful, also not true.

    Why are we evil, why are we so bad,
    Why sometimes, in so much malice drowned,
    Divided properties, services and luxury?
    We are all equal mortals. We forget!
    We forget! Equally greedy, wild,
    We forget him in his dreadful, terrible!
    Whether death is the same one so scares us –
    Equally mortal but equally alive!
    Oh, stop! Let’s live
    And we, people, wise as men!
    One land will be over us, above us,
    But it is important that we are over it …
    Damyan Damyanov