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I want to believe that this whole nightmare that happened to us is not in vain.

Maybe all this in order to bring the distanced ones closer together, to those who forgot – to remind what they always have with themselves; those who have lost themselves in the carousel of strangers’ expectations – to show what they should cherish today and that they have quite enough of everything?

At the same time, it seems like someone has given us time to meet our biggest fears and weaknesses. Will we wake up from this night’s dream with inner strength, wisdom, peace, no matter what winds in the world distract our borders? Or may, on the contrary, we will lose our faith in ourselves and others?

We believe that once we find the strength to work with ourselves today, we will feel grown tomorrow and able to move more firmly through this fragile world.

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  1. I guess you can see this time as self reflection and also see how many are doing the right thing and those are are not and those that are staying the same by not caring for their fellow man at all.

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