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Years ago, women were unable to study and depended on the grace of their husbands and society. They were like objects with a clear purpose to perform certain functions. Therefore, being a witch at such times was insanely dangerous! 

Witches were always independent women who possessed wisdom and knowledge of nature, herbs, magic, and the structure of the world. They had answers that ordinary mortals did not know, communicated and consulted with forces against which others trembled like leaves in the wind.

Witches very often became targets of anger, jealousy, mistrust, burning, drowning, and other forms of torture. They were feared, respected, but constantly threatened with death.

Today, such women can call themselves witches, sorcerers, perform rituals, study the secrets of nature, science, and philosophy. Women no longer are someone else’s items for reproduction and household chores. Women are free to decide what to do with their brains and their bodies and are free to choose how to express their creative fire, mind map.

Although in general, I’m not about witches or wizards.Simply, today, we desperately need such strong witchcraft energy to bring us back to nature. To experience, tame, hear, and predict nature.

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  1. The witches had a hard time, but even nuns, in the not too distant past, were often martyred for their beliefs too.

    There was not much freedom for women in those days.

    At least, it has improved, a bit now, except for perhaps, in business, sports, and politics, but then again, even these areas are improving now too, which is good too.

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