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Secret Behind The Wave

The Cause and Effect mandate the inclusion of souls in the classroom of suffering.

The same suffering he has given to other souls before and after. Suffering is the school principal who brings sadness, over and over again.

Repeatedly, in such a way that it feels like we are going to sink, drawn, like being thrown into the water, even into the sea, not over for a single breath, the other waves coming crashing, push the water into the nose. Let alone the hands of another human, even God’s hand seems would not catch our hand up.

Sadness, until he can build sincerity, without being haunted by hurt, hatred, and intention of slightest revenge of any kind, will only be a teacher and a connecting soul with a taste that is present in vain for a conscious life.

Sorrow will change its form after he can exhale the mind with the deepest feelings of the essence of affection, until the conscious mind on the layers merged with ultimate love, melt with his own secret.

The same event in a different sense is also happening to joy or pleasure. So, there is only a limited choice to graduate the study.

That is The Secrets of Self Behind The Wave

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of The Land of Confusion Series – Secret Behind The Wave.


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  1. to Albert Widjojo: I love this painting. Like Slow on the Go. The many colors flow
    and drag me dreaming into the Flow. Only to Speed up and let me gasp at the grasp of the Color and gently let me know other art calls me to Go. Your are very talented.

    • Dear John, my friend
      the adventurer of words
      your beautiful dream trail
      left behind in these colors
      they are grateful that you are
      has been willing to visit for the first time
      and waved
      on your step in other art fruits.

  2. As bad or good as we can perceive. All we experience pivots on what we believe. All end the same, none get reprieve. There can be no joy if we never do grieve.
    The SpLaSh! of these waves, I know well.
    Wise words from the wisest of birds. Thank you.

  3. The more sufferings we experience, the stronger we become. We have to go through those experiences, either sadness or happiness, loved or hated, etcetera so we could be able to appreciate life itself.

    Interesting post, Albert.

  4. The waves of the sea are women who have fled from the houses of chains. Come, a wave itself gets up, the sister of the wind be back. Come, in the deepest go, to the kingdom of the dark elements. Have you been loved before – you will only be able to find out now.

  5. Wow. Another strong inspirational, motivational post Albert.
    You described my grief journey after losing my son and others
    as well. You do feel as if you are drowning. I wanted to drown at one
    point but made the decision to start swimming from the ocean of grief.
    I am still swimming today but each step forward is progress.