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Pris with Mannequins – WIP

Trying out an alternate look and feel for Pris and her pals, a little more racy than the original version but probably still safe for work and all. A certain gazelle suggested more grunge and I am inclined to try it but this version doesn’t even have any postwork yet…


#1 work in progress

also gave her the torn fishnets and garters look that she rocked in the film. the replicant eye effect will return in the next installment...

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#2 body shot

note the mannequins have a different texture now. I might put the cracks back in, that hasn't been determined yet

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  1. One of the most memorable characters in Blade runner. Not a main character but still memorable. Basic Combat pleasure model. Like your interpretation of this character. It’s almost obvious that a nefarious premeditated thought seems to be running through her CPU.

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