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Priss with Mannequins – WIP

There are still a lot of things I’d like to tweak before a release version, but this is pretty much what I wanted. Uncertain what else to do with the background, might have to stick with the placeholder…

Note that I’ve left a lot of headroom in there for a title, it’s just good practices for an illustrator 

#1 raw

...because you gotta start somewhere

8 points

#2 mix

this isn't a bad compromise at all, and it really resolves the shadow shapes quite handily...

8 points

#3 scan lines

because scanlines always make something look that much more cyberpunk...

8 points

#4 crisp

even when I don't use this version, I usually apply it just on GP

7 points

#5 darker

it's a dark piece anyway

7 points

#6 clay render

I haven't done one of these in a while. Starting to regret moving her head... Should I revert to this pose?

6 points

What do you think?

14 points


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