Poetry & Art

A few years ago I decided to make some artwork to specifically go with my poetry. Here you can see I put one of my poems actually on the art piece. I think that they work very well together.  I would love to do that again if I write some new ones one day.

I wrote this years ago, so no I do not feel this way now.  I just wanted to clarify that.

The poem says:

The open road is calling I am heading towards the sky I am not looking back,As I say goodbye 

I have waited too longLet the chains weigh me down but now I am breaking free I am no longer stuck on the ground 

No more skies of grayLooking for skies of blue Got to get away from the darknessIt is time for something new 

I am different now,Finally I feel so free and never again Will I let their chains hold me

I would love to know what you think about the poem and the art piece. Also, what do you think of them together?


What do you think?


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