Neko Keyhole Bokeh – WIP

Just doing a glamour shot with the infamous Neko Keyhole Lingerie. I might come back and introduce a 3 point rig or just leave her alone, I have not yet decided…

Check out her kawaii neko earses; gonna have to do a poll based on all the different types I know, tanoshimi ni shite kudasai!

#1 double bokeh WIP

Double bokeh action here. In case you didn't know, bokeh is a Japanese loan word to describe the out of focus lights which are reminiscent of a flower boquet

#2 rough sketch

It looks like I've literally stolen a page from Bridgetart's playbook, and her magenta pencil as well!

#3 work in progress

This is a more generic hearts bokeh background- the sort of thing you'd see in a manga when the protagonist falls in love

What do you think?

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