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Ne Pas Réveiller Le Chat Qui Dort

“Do not wake up the cat who sleeps”  This is the equivalent expression in France to the adage in English, “Let sleeping dogs lie”.

Finding images like this breaks up the boredom of sitting around at your friends’ houses while they’re off in the kitchen. Photos like this are often categorized as “abstract photography” and often involve getting very close to something so that the object is not immediately identifiable. This is the eye of a white dog sleeping. Is it abstract photography when it is a picture of something and you know what that something is?

The answer may be in the image itself in this case.  What is the answer to the question, “What is it”?  It is most likely, “To let sleeping dogs lie”.  Can it be appreciated for its visual qualities alone?  And, does the assigning of a familiar object to the image prejudice the viewer into not seeing?

Alan Watts said that if you really want to know what a dog is then the next time you see one don’t tell yourself, “Dog”.

OOPS! Now I’ve done it …


What do you think?

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    • Do not wake him. You know how animals sleep with one half of their brain at a time and they switch halves? I heard on National Public Radio a scientist who said that, other than humans, domestic cats are the only animals that sometimes sleep with their whole brain asleep. Not always but sometimes they do. This is why sometimes you can startle a cat by waking them. I always apologize to my cat when I accidentally do this. Cheers!

    • Un poco. También utilizo los traductores. Ellos son graciosos. En Francia los perros se convierten en gatos. (jajaja) … One says “dejar las cosas como están” Uno dice “dejar las cosas como están”, pero estúpido google dice que dejar dormir perros mentira. Así que hay este problema a veces con la traducción. Oh, bien, “c’est la vie”