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Mother’s Day Special – giclee prints

I have always enjoyed the recursive nature of the matryoshka; they will always represent nested subroutines to me but most folks will equate them with motherhood (as well they should) so I have selected them to showcase my Mother’s Day post

Please disregard all my technical mumbo-jumbo and accept my mother’s day wishes

#1 Gathering of Matryoshkas

If you stop and think about it, the matryoshka makes two opposing statements- on one hand it empowers the individual (within each of us, a nation) but on at the same time, it trivializes the individual by relegating them to a hierarchy

In one sense, all dolls do this implicitly but only the matryoshka does this explicitly, which makes their message both unique and strong. Also, the nesting action is just so damn cool

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#2 Gossiping Matryoshkas

This render was actually a seam test; only meant to determine if there were any noticeable seams in my texture. However, the finished version looked like the other two dolls were gossiping about the first doll, who looks apprehensive about it all

This was completely unintentional, but I loved the catty feeling so much that I did a full sized render

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