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The Joker on Deviant Art

I have been playing around with Autodesk’s Sketchbook on my tablet for a while now. Three weeks ago, I decided to take up one of their ‘Sketch This’ Challenges. I selected the ‘Bad Guys’ challenge.

The first character that popped into my mind is the green haired nemesis of Batman… The Joker

The Joker as I imagined him. Somehow I think he does not look so ‘Evil’

It took me sometime in getting used to in drawing using my fingers or the generic stylus that bought from a store. I used to paint on Photoshop using a Wacom Art pad. Painting on a tablet is almost the same, but the ‘feel’ is quite different.

Also Sketchbook allows only three layers, so I had to work on these and merge two of them when I need to create a new layer.

Nevertheless, here’s my version of The Joker.

Also you can find my Deviant art submission here – The Joker

Disclaimer: The character the Joker is owned by DC comics.


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  1. Nice to read about Autodesk Sketchbook here. I had been using this app for a year and had been comfortable with it. I use it to fill my idle time creating simple cute characters and sometimes for illustrating my ideas that I present with a potential client.

  2. Joker is an interesting villan – I echo what previous posters have said. In the old TV show (I miss Adam West) he is sinister but with a huge flaw. From there Joker became more evil, until the truly unsettling version done by Heath Ledger. I prefer the mix of what Ledger created and the Joker of the Lego Batman movie!

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