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Making of a guitar… ~ part 2

More on my visit to a luthier’s workshop.  A luthier or a maker of stringed instruments (eg: guitar, violin) happened to be moving studios when we just met. The place was in a creative disarray; I wouldn’t call it messy, but not “fully sorted out yet” – is the best description!

Half formed, partly recognizable pieces lay on his work table which piqued my interest even more. Picture the atmosphere – dust particles hanging in the air, floating lazily in the sunshine streaming down from the high windows… Odd shapes, raw wood, varied textures. Wouldn’t you be fascinated?

CURVES ~ of not quite completed pieces

EXPOSED ~ insides out! The belly of an instrument lies exposed

Stay tuned for my final part 3 – the raw materials.


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  1. Very cool, a friend of mine has his own electric guitar business. He takes raw cuts of special woods from around the world and fashions them into bodies of guitars and builds his own brand of guitars!
    I know your feeling about the workshop! Smells great too!

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