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Ideas for the Homestead Premises in Luxurious Rustic Style

Obviously, people are running away of the big urbanistic cities and acquiring homesteads. Having big living space they are becoming more original and want to create a distinctive and exclusive interior of their dwelling. Routine design solutions are no longer needed, so they are looking for new ideas and ways to implement them.

One of the elements of home design is a natural stone. It is used for making table tops, internal window sills, it is used for fireplaces, floor and wall decoration, staircase steps. The interior of a natural stone is often combined with glass, metal, wood or ceramics. In a particularly luxurious house, there are stone stairs – from ancient times they decorated the most luxurious mansions and castles, and the stone was used even in the Louvre’s interior.

The stone never goes out of fashion because fashion is changing, and stone for thousands of years remains the original element of housing design. In addition, the stone is suitable both in the modern, classical and rustic style of the interior, different types of stones are perfectly adapted to the environment and create an unparalleled impression. One should not forget the special properties of a stone – naturalness, ecology, resistance, durability.


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