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Leo – sketch to photoshop render.

Progress shots. From the initial sketch idea to full photoshop render. Hopefully it`ll show some of the steps I went through in order to achieve the final image and hopefully some artists out there, will get something out of it. I`m not a professional photoshop artist. Nor am I a professional comic book artist. So these are just some techniques I`ve learned myself over the years. It`s hard to get into the technical aspects of photoshop in pictures but hopefully it`ll give some ideas.

Big tip I can give is learn about gradient maps. So handy, since I`ve learned about them, they have become a mainstay of my drawing/painting technique. The handy thing about them is you can add a spread of colour over your image, but if 2 days later after much work on the image, say you don`t like the colour. Well instead of deleting the colour layer and starting a new one. Gradient maps allow you to go in and tweak the existing colour, add more colour or more shades. It`s a highly versatile tool, and one you won`t stop using once you start.

Leo photoshop Final

Final steps are just adding the rain effects on the skin and the weapons. Final details on the character itself. 

I developed the Leo image further, using photoshop. I tried ( again a break from my norm ) to keep with the dynamic nature of the image. While I was developing the image, I was thinking of putting in a cityscape in the background and clouds in the sky. But as I was developing it, I thought the colours actually suggested the thoughts, rather than rendering them. It`s keeps it simple and keeps the focus on Leo. 


Leo Initial sketch

Initial sketch. 

I`ve always been a turtles fan. i used to read the original graphic novels that my friend had. They used to be so much darker than the later versions, that became kid friendly. 

Because it`s the turtles I had to try and make something a little more dynamic than what I`d usually do. 

A3 Statchmore Toned Gray 

Pencils - 2H - B - 2B 

Sigma 0.4 fineline. 


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