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There Is A Law

` There Is A Law ` Dredd in the Crusted Earth. For those that don`t know. Crusted Earth exists outside Mega City One. It`s inhabited...

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Leo – sketch to photoshop render.

Progress shots. From the initial sketch idea to full photoshop render. Hopefully it`ll show some of the steps I went through in order to...

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Pagan Show Down Cover Art

Cover Art for graphic novel series. The Dead Reserves. which follows the global adventures of the members of the Post Live Adjustments agency. A...

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Skull Clock Gouache Painting.

This is a painting thats a little more personal that most of my others. The time is when my son was born. The decorative...

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Quadrophenia Oil painting

Commission painted for a friend. One of his favourite bands is The Who. He asked me to paint the famous album cover, and like...

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There Is A Law

Leo – sketch to photoshop render.

Pagan Show Down Cover Art

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