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“Layering Nature” – A Recent Digital Artwork

This is a very recently completed artwork of mine. All the photographic elements except the Port Townsend Washington deer were photographed at my home. That is the Checkered Skipper butterfly, a scrub jay, and my yard in the orb. It’s a bit biographical and many of the collages I make are nature oriented. I guess I make them so I can see them primarily.

It is a digital painting/collage combining elements from my personal photographs (taken by me) with digital new media techniques. An essential part of my image making process is to find and photograph elements needed to make the images or to draw and paint them digitally. I rely on a long history in printmaking and graphic arts to guide the thought process and guide me through the necessary steps to complete the final work.


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    • Thanks Carol – it must be fun because I keep doing them. (I have hundreds now) The computer is a very good sketch pad because you can get a pretty fully developed image of an idea so quickly. It’s so easy to back up and try again. I also liked this one quite a bit – maybe my favorite from this series. I’m so bad at titles though …

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