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O’dachi Under the Moonlight

The warrior stands under the Moonlight.

His O’dachi held in ready….

Waiting for an enemy in  a foggy moonlit night…

An enemy born of the darkness…

Which no man have seen it, and lived through the next dawn….

The O’dachi

An O’dachi or a Great Sword, is a huge Japanese field sword used by the ancient Samurai. The blade of the O’dachi is around 40 inches long.

Though there are dojo that teaches how to handle this great sword, Information how it was used in the ancient times is vague. Some say it was used against opponents mounted on a horse. Some say it is used as a ceremonial sword.

The warrior in this image though has a different story and reason why he carries an O’dachi.


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Written by artbytes26

I'm a self-taught photographer and artist, hobbyist, nature lover, photo editor. and a self trained web designer and developer.


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