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Drawing a Cat in Coloured Pencils Time-Lapse Video

I thought some of you might like to see the process, so I have posted up the YouTube video of my ‘Misty the Cat’ drawing.

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It’s a shame that I haven’t got the time to post quizzes anymore, but I do still read and comment on your Virily posts when I can.

Have a nice week everyone.

Thank you for looking!


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  1. Amazing and stupendous drawing capability. I noticed you started with the eyes just like I used to do. I always found it easier to start with the eyes rather than following the drawn circles which most teachers recommend to do… It is a beautiful cat picture….

    • Yes, I find that the eyes are a good focal point to draw the rest of the subject around. Plus, if you do the whole drawing and then get the eyes wrong at the end you will have wasted a lot of time :o)

  2. This drawing is outstanding. If you visit my page you will see a few drawings of my own. I started a drawing challenge. Would you take a look and see if you think I have potential. They would look better but all I had to use was a pencil.