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“Girls on Your Drinks” – drawings by me

Drinking is part of our life. We all have different favorite drinks. We do enjoy it in celebrating something like birthdays, wedding, victories or just having fun with friends or someone. It is essential/ necessary to satisfy our thirst.

Here  some of my drawing on common drinks (which are also my fave!) that we enjoy in our daily life:

#1  Wine

This my favorite among all kinds of drinks, I just love the taste!

#2  Juice

This is my comfort drink….just juicy, savory taste!

#3  Beer

When I’m in the mood to hang out with friend we do love and enjoy the whole night with beer…

#4  Latte

My morning favorite, one cup of latte completes my day!..

#5 Soda

Drink for my chillin’ times like in watching my favorite movie with boyfirend or friends…

#6  Tea

My healthy-mood  drink… Love this when I’m in the mood to detox or cleans my body.

Note: All these was originally drawn by me, and yes it’s a pencil/pen drawings. Hope you enjoy!


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Written by rose90