I entered an art gallery reception, on a spring day, and I was just browsing around to check out any new ideas and become inspired for my own artwork. One designer’s artwork got my attention because his paintings and sculptures depict French high fashion models, dressed in elaborate and detailed costumes that have the combined styles of art deco and roaring twenties. His black Persian cat is also a part of one of his sculptures. I have always like twenties fashions as well as art deco art, to begin with. So, his artwork got me interesting to further explore and research Erte.

Romain de Tirtoff is a French artist, but he was born Roman Petrovich Tyrtov in St. Petersburg, Russia, worked for Harper’s Bazaar in the 70s, and he died at 97, on April 21, 1990.

Erte artwork

Another reason why I was interested in his work is that I have always liked drawing fashion models and fashion art, but my drawings don’t have a particular style because I mostly draw what is current in society. And, my artwork isn’t that detailed.


Check out these three videos that I added.


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