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Daily post – no 9 – Traditional pottery

I decided for something different now, a photo I took two days ago. This is a traditional plate from Horezu, my hometown. There are many other models, our emblem is “Cocosul de Hurez” (Hurez’s rooster) and it’s frequently painted on the plates, but I prefer this kind of model.

We are very proud of our pottery, it has been included in UNESCO’s universal heritage and there are many tourists that buy all kind of pottery here. This plate was around $4, but there are bigger ones that can go up to $30 or more.

Hope you like it!

P.S. I missed 2 or 3 days here, got some problems to solve and wasn’t able to get online, so I couldn’t do my “Daily post”. Well back to notifications now, take care everyone!


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Written by Gogata Ionut


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    • I’m glad you liked it ?. It’s a very common design, but a pretty one too. You can have a set, but the plates won’t be exactly the same, they are all handmade and this means there will be some differences in execution ?.

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