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Creative Challenge – Gifts Day 2.

I made these place matts some years ago and gave them as gifts.

They are paintings on a placemat and they are simple. The paintings are very small and quick to do. 

You can make these yourself and it is very easy. These are coffee cup size.

Saves money and it is a special gift.

They are not much as paintings but they have colour and character, also personal. 

In a way I think they are true souvenirs, New Zealand souvenirs are made in the Oriental and sold by Oriental people. While I have no objection to different types of people. New Zealand Souvenirs should be created and sold by New Zealand people only. Just my own opinion, while Orientals are welcome to sell their own cultural gifts in New Zealand as well instead of copying ours.

Anyone can join this Challenge just put #Creative Challenge and post that for tags.

#1 Simple Placematt

Very basic bird and small coaster for coffee cup.

What do you think?

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