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Turn your weaknesses to biggest strength

We learn not to love ourselves – this is what all structures of society teach us from an early age. What we are taught to treat as our flaws are often not only our most original traits but also our greatest strengths and gifts.

For example, my “exaggerated” sensitivity, which I learned to hide and shame, is now beginning to unfold as my special connection to creativity, to the pulse of the world.

And my reluctance to fight and view the world as hostile and brutal was mostly understood by others as a character weakness. Now I realize that it is a wonderful strength – my inexhaustible source of love for everything and for all.

Why should I want to prove that I am better, more important or more right? What will it change? Defeating an opponent does not bring me joy because it is only a result. 

It is best for me to be in the process, to swim in it, to dive in and to devote myself to it. The process is happiness because it is a constant present moment. Only this is important because everything else is states of uncertainty, ghosts of the past and mirages of the future.

I increasingly want to be open and not afraid to show my flaws. When I reveal them, it becomes easier for those around me to reveal theirs. And then it is so good, so calm and assured of being yourself, without the slightest tension and fear.

Absolute and liberating nudity of the soul! And those people who are still stuck in the grip of their miserable ego and always looking to lead, rather rise a smile to me than a threat.

False pride and ego are very lost when you are faced with total peace and unwillingness to prove anything.

Time to fall in love with yourself, fully. And when is it better to do it than today?

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