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Creative Challenge – 3 D Paper Mache

Just a couple of paper bins with cardboard and a few fantasy paintings on it.

Mind you, it takes a while to make but it is easy to make. Just use a few plastic bins that you have spare for the mould and you are on the way.

Makes great gifts.

Please feel free to contribute to Creative challenge, every one who posts on Virily is creative in their own way.. Have a go you can do it!

Anything creative even just a photo is fine.

Just put #Creative Challenge  on the Add tags..

What do you think?

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  1. Those are really nice made and pretty drawings as well! I have made paper mache with my kids before, but they didn’t end up nicely and at last we just threw them away. We did enjoy the process of making the paper mache. Perhaps I should try it again, as my youngest hasn’t make it before. 🙂

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