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Counsel Woven Into The Fabric Of Real Life Is Wisdom

Peter Heckmann – Small sized original artwork from 2017 (40 cm x 20 cm – partial image shown) part of the Romantic Dream Escapes seriesCounsel Woven Into The Fabric Of Real Life Is Wisdom.

New mixed media series with various glued chiffon / gauze fabric pieces and textured wallpaper – finalized with spray paint and brushed & splashed acrylics (digitally adjusted / color corrected for printing purposes).

Romantic Dream Escapes is a growing series of abstract and semi-realistic paintings or digital manipulated artworks from 2013-2017.

Personal note: These themed visual dream(e)scapes range from dark, moody or even obscure emotional interpretations to happy, lighthearted and playful creative renditions … all visual representations of a particular state of (my) mind – exposing my innermost thoughts and feelings.

Additionally, a lot of thought went into the creation of descriptive and / or suitable titles, because for me (also a writer, musician and theatrical producer), carefully crafted titles of the artworks and the visual realizations themselves are of (nearly) equal importance.

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