Goodbye old friend. Oh yeah ps we are still no where near in the information age!

Monitizing a blog is a difficult thing to do. Recently one of the sites I’ve used has announced that they are pulling the site as of October 2nd of this year. It is a sad thing in the end. Those of us who blog on various sites don’t always do so for money, but it is nice on occasion to receive some recognition for the amount of time spent. The good thing is that I have met many other bloggers on the platforms I blog on and I am proud to call each of them a friend.

Technology and information are interesting problems. The reality of technology is that it has enabled the creation of information. It has made the concept of sharing information better and easier. It has created a culture of sharing. Both images and ideas are freely floating around the universe. My father, who remains my hero, had more than 30,000 slides. I know, as his son, I maybe saw 3,000 of those slides while he was alive. The vast majority of those slides were ones he deemed not good enough, so he never showed them. They are, to me, iconic moments of my childhood that I am happy to say I have scanned and I am sharing with the world. I think of the Carpenters song from years  ago “Sing a Song.” We shouldn’t worry about if our blogs, our pictures, and our ideas are good enough. They are good enough I promise. We should simply share.

People tell me all the time, and I read analysts are running around screaming we are in the information age. I promise you, as a long time Intellectual Capital developer and harvester we are in the digital age we are so far from the information age it is scary. The information age lies on the horizon. When everyone can share equally, and the information we need to move forward is freely available, then we are in the dawning of the information age. The concept of calling an age an age is old, but frankly, we are not. The death of a blogging platform like Niume is simply part of the problem. It closes a window that any of us could use. That window is one of the many that must be open for the future information age. We need to have blogging, podcasting and Vlogging platforms that continue to evolve and expand. Ideas, pictures, artwork, poems, and ramblings all need a place to be shared and searched. You never know, in the digital age where there are people thinking like you. In the future information age, that will be readily apparent.

Goodbye Niume. I will miss the people, the platform and the dream.


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I am also sorry to see it go…I liked the site and the people but it was lovely dream and I think the reality was they had a flawed business plan. But it has put me off paid sites I am trying to self host..slowly but at least that will be mine and I won’t have the hastle of any of this again..I think Verily is a nice site but I don’t think for me…All the work involved I may as well do for my own site…But I will keep in touch, visit, comment ,share and hope when I am up and running with my second site you will pay me a visit 🙂

      • Awwww thank you, Scott, what a lovely thing to say..only got 24 hrs and I can start working on my new site they sort of don’t tell you you have to wait for this and wait for that but am finding out very quickly…lol..but have been too busy copy and pasting and deleting from social media etc, etc which reinforces my resolve to never write for “paying” sites ever again 🙂 But as I said will surely keep in touch 🙂

  2. I am sorry to see them go as well. I have deleted all my stuff there except one post and I put parting profile images in place of the old ones. (!/posts )
    My second post was staff picked and that’s what I left. It will be deleted into the ether. Oh well.
    The digital age – the tech – I have some issues with it; but, I am an old goat perhaps and fond of minimalist living and privacy and freedom. The value of the platforms is the participation, the sharing, and the open source ideas of people. The value is the connecting of people. I do believe that people will evolve this powerful tool to serve them immensely better in the future. It’s the people not the tech – the tech is a tool -another pencil.

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