Yearning to Fly – JFF challenge #3

In our hearts, we all yearn to fly. Honestly, I don’t think her jalopy is ever going to work but the important thing is that she’s trying. This version is pretty much done, but I still want to add some more tools. Possibly give her some grime and a wardrobe change…

Speaking of grime, how do you like my gritty new look?

#1 work in progress

This is a new look for me, which is inspired by 80s era Heavy Metal magazine artwork. Old becomes new again...


What do you think?

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  1. I clicked the link because she looks like a badass and I like women that can seriously kick their way ???. Yep, grime would make her perfect — too clean for someone attempting to fix a bike. And more tools would be lovely; maybe put it like the way a cowboy put his gun ? seriously. How about a cap? Too much hair will get in the way when working in real life. And why do I blab when I cannot even draw a straight line ????

  2. You nailed the look Alex. The rough look is spot on especially for a “mechanic”. And it looks like she has a can of beer for when she needs a break as well. The details are really nice. Always enjoy your style.


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