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Alice Project wardrobe test – WIP

In addition to doing the dark Alice piece, I’d like to do something a little lighter. That having been said, I don’t want to try and duplicate the Sir John Tenniel design, and I certainly don’t want to riff off the Disney look

The gothic look suits my sensibility best for this piece, so that is the direction I am going in

#1 gothic lolita

...or I could just go with this outfit. This is a Japanese style called Gothic Loli

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#2 smooth satin

I don't like any of the satin materials for this dress, so I am going to do some velvet tests...

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#3 textured satin

I should probably mention that I am only using ambient lighting and a placeholder background until I commit to a wardrobe

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#4 cotton

this is a good look but the material of her dress is kinda bland

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  1. Now, what was the question again? lol
    Okay ok.. I pick the darkest of dark blues.. I love it. The second pick is that floral design. BTW it works for August’s theme. So there ya go.. my opinion.