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Wonderland Project – poll

If you have already seen Alice’s wardrobe test, then why not help her pick out the best outfit for her to go exploring Wonderland in? Once I lock down her wardrobe, then it will be time to do another caterpillar…

  • Question of

    Which dress do you prefer?

    • gothic lolita
    • smooth satin
    • textured satin
    • cotton
  • Question of

    What should I title this project?

    • the Alice Project
    • the Wonderland Project
    • Project Wonderland
    • I have a better name, which I will reveal in the comment section…
  • Question of

    Should I try alternate hairstyles?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

10 Points


  1. When I view in a thumbnail size, the Gothic is more eye catching. Blown up, I prefer the dark satin. That rich fabric is just stunning. I like her hair as is, I think a longer style might take away from the over all look. I picked Alice Project.

  2. Gothic Lolita dress has a breath of typical cheer and an adventure in my eyes, others are also cool but rather smelt like teenage school uniforms. You may try to alternate her hairstyle, why not, but actually but actually her hairstyle is already appropriate.