Gigerpillar – WIP

So when I was working on the caterpillar, it struck me that I could do a biomechanical version. Obviously inspired by the work of HR Giger, so I named it after him

This variant is even more psychedelic due to a diet of dimethyltryptamine containing mushrooms…

#1 work in progress

I could probably push it further, but I think it is off to a nice start. Perhaps this is the best place to leave it anyway, since if I made it more like Giger's design wouldn't it would become derivative?

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#2 base version

The first thing I did was replace the horns with the xenomorph style protrusions. That worked so I was able to move forward. A failure at that stage would've been a dealbreaker...

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#3 lighter variant

same basic design but with a lighter touch

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#4 darker variant

with darker thoracic legs and horns

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#5 nutherpillar

very similar to my final design, which has a few minor tweaks

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What do you think?

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  1. … I saw all of the Alien movies but at that time was not into who the artist or creators were. But this Giger dude, what a brilliant artist. He consulted on Species, Poltergeist II: The Other Side, and took a shot at designing the Batmobile for Batman: Forever (the design was never used).

  2. Incredible is what I think. I am a huge butterfly fan, which means I also love caterpillars. This one is on steroids. Ha! Seriously I have no idea about the artist you referenced. But you know I went and researched and his works are like wow! And then some. Your piece is very close to his. Excellent! The last one has to be my choice.

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