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Addendum to The Art of Power and Clouds

Preliminary results are that I can make music with those power lines after all. It was all too easy.

I have a whole variety of pictures that include these monstrosities and I will develop something from them and bird silhouettes that hopefully will be able to be played as music. See the original post “The Art Of Power And Clouds“. This is a fun project and a worthy challenge.


What do you think?

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      • Thanks, Howard. I only dipped my toes in here. Hope to post more soon. Al these various sites eat up time like a vortex. I may be putting more time into another site and this would take the background along with Niume. Let me know if you want a referral for the other site ( where patrons donate for your art…

        • I just heard that Niume is closing and I deleted all my stuff almost. I have a real time problem as well. I disappear for weeks at a time. Thanks for offering the referral – I think I ran across that site somewhere.
          For the sake of minimalism I may soon un-web myself.Anyway, I’ll email – Cheers 🙂

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