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The old bridge over the water by oscarps

The Old Bridge of Zamora or also Bridge of Olivares, was a stone bridge on the Duero river that existed until century X in the city of Zamora. With the construction of the bridge of Stone (new bridge) upstream at the beginning of the 13th century, the visible stone remains of the Olivares bridge, visible on the river, became known as the old bridge.

#1 Old Bridge Nº1

The city of Zamora lacked of bridge during almost three centuries, existing the called ford of don Garcia like passage area. It is not known if the old bridge was destroyed by natural causes, or intentionally by warlike causes in the passive defense of the city against the Muslim raids coming from the south of the peninsula during the middle age. The bridge gave transport service to the so-called via de la Plata. At the beginning of the 21st century you can still see remains of the bridge very close to the olive trees of Olivares.

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#2 Old Bridge Nº4

To point on which there is no agreement among historians of the city is the date of destruction of the old bridge and the causes of it. Some authors mention the tenth century as an end, as well as a deliberate destruction by the Astur leaders in order to avoid attacks by Muslim troops from the southern kingdoms (see: Battle of Alhandic and Zamora Day). 5 other causes supported by other authors focus on natural catastrophes such as the usual floods of the river Duero.

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