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These are photo’s of my dogs

Back in November 2018 I posted a blog about my beloved Ollie.  He lost his life at the age of 15.  (Ollie is the one on the right in the smaller picture.)  Of course, I still miss him.  But I have since put a nice photo of him in a picture frame and put it on the wall next to my other dog.  The other photo is of my last dog, Jazz.  This is a drawing of her rather than an actual photo.  Jazz was a Labrador, and she was 12 years of age when I lost her.

Anyone who has pets will know they are very much part of the family and it’s always very difficult when we have to say goodbye to them.  It’s a shame they don’t live as long as we do, as it’s always very sad when we lose them.  But, I think we all have our own ways of remembering them.  I like having pictures of my 2 dogs on the wall.  It’s a reminder to me what joy and love they brought me in the years I had them.  I still haven’t thought about whether to get another dog or not.  But, no doubt I will sometime in the future.


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