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The Crazy, Car Racing White-Tailed Deer of Pastoria, Virginia

Summer is officially here and the brand new baby deer are up and roaming around, albeit not far from their Momma’s sides. I will get some photos of them as soon as I possibly can; but, until then, here are some of the craziest deer I have ever seen in my life… They hang out in the freshly planted soybean field across the road from our home, just waiting for any car to come along to race. As soon as they spot us driving by, they are in motion! Set to cross the road and make it into the woods on the other side before we reach them. If we stop the vehicle to look at them, they stop and wait until we continue, ready to race again lol I’ve never seen anything like it! I will try to get some video, but here are some photos for now 🙂


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  1. Hi, Grace, great to hear from you again. I sold my cleaning company and moved on to different things, mainly online. I hope the COVID 19 doesn’t hurt your business too much.

    • Good for you! 🙂 I want to stop cleaning and am also working on transferring all of my work to online only. The pandemic hasn’t really been a bad thing for my business, but it has worn me down. I’m quickly seeing that it is NOT a sustainable business into your 40’s alone lol Best wishes, my dear friend <3 Stay safe!

      • Hi Grace, don’t I know it! Boy, it was a tough time in my life and I had lots of help. Doing it alone must have been huge. Let me know how youré doing, please, I care. Stay Safe. Andre’

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    • Thank you, Ellie <3 🙂 I loved watching these deer every evening. Sadly, we have moved inside town so there is not much of this here. However, nature is still within walking distance! 😀