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Just For Fun Challenge Week 1 – The Sky

Since the beginning of time, we have looked to the sky for life sustenance and divine guidance. That makes the sky one of my favorite topics! Thank you for this fun challenge, Kim! #justforfun#1

Positive Vibes

I love sunsets, especially at the beach with the smell of the salty air and suntan lotion! Here's another photograph taken from my balcony at the Days Inn Virginia Beach at the Beach. The views are MAGNIFICENT here!

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Oak Hall

Oak Hall is an unincorporated town on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. There's not much to see here except sunbeams and soybeans.

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Assateague Lights

This photo was taken during a night fishing trip to Chincoteague Island, Virginia. We didn't catch many fish, but I captured some pretty cool shots. Here, you see the Assateague Lighthouse lighting up the night sky from Assateague Island, Virginia with a bright full moon reflecting on the Assateague Channel and a lit up vessel passing through. The Assateague Channel is where the famous Chincoteague Wild Ponies swim from Assateague to Chincoteague Island each year in July.

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Sunset Over Beasley Bay

Purple sunsets abound over Beasley Bay! This shot was taken from Guard's Shore beach, located on Virginia's Eastern Shore near the town of Bloxom.

    • This is one of the most relaxing areas close by. We don’t have much to do for fun here besides fish, canoe, kayak and other outdoor activities, so friends tend to meet up here at Guard’s Shore to hang out and chat while fishing and/or letting the children/grandchildren play on the beach. In years gone by, it was a “party spot,” but it is now protected by our Fish and Wildlife Service. I remember many summer nights hanging out at a beach bonfire right on this beach.

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Sunset Over the Atlantic

Virginia Beach is one of Virginia's largest resort cities. Tourists from around the world revisit Virginia Beach year after year to soak up the sun where the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay meet. In this photograph, the sun sets near the popular Virginia Beach Fishing Pier, which is approximately 1,000 feet long!

  1. I certainly understand that. I am also an introvert and, sometimes, social anxiety can keep me homebound for weeks. I think the bulk of my problem is how rude people have become in public places. There seem to be fewer and fewer of us left with common courtesies like not screaming curse words out in public around grandmothers and small children… Traffic gets really bad during the tourist season here, especially if you are trying to get to our two major islands (Chincoteague and Assateague). During tourist season, we locals have our own little “out-of-the-way spots that we enjoy 😉 The Mason side of my family (where my surname comes from, my maternal grandfather) is mostly from Little Rock, Arkansas. My mother is currently Amish in Missouri… Oh my goodness, I bet you had a great time running the resort! Arkansas is beautiful. Missouri is a different story, at least the portion I saw while there… I’ll get to Southern California one day. For now, it’s not in the budget lol Sounds wonderful though! I dream of seeing those bluffs 🙂

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A Guard’s Shore Sunset

Here is another shot taken from Guard's Shore beach. Guard's Shore is a part of the Saxis Wildlife Management Area, located on the bayside of the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Pure Gold at Ann’s Cove

Ann's Cove is a neighboring waterhole to Guard's Shore. Typically, in the evenings, the cove is full of Canadian Geese, with a Great Blue Heron here and there.

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Written by Windy Grace

Windy Grace Mason is a freelance writer and photographer from the beautiful Eastern Shore of Virginia. Her favorite topics are world culture and religions, alternative lifestyles and medicine, the arts, psychology, philosophy, morals, social etiquette and local history. Windy Grace was first published at 14 years of age and also enjoys writing poetry and musical lyrics.


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    • Thank you for stopping by, upvoting and commenting, Iacho 🙂 I live on a very small strip of land between the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay, so we are basically surrounded by water. Other than that, we have mostly chicken houses and corn or soybean fields. It is a blessing to be able to share my little part of the world with people around the globe and I love reading about others’ homelands 🙂 It’s a pleasure to meet you.

        • I am descended from Berenguela de Castilla, I, daughter of Alfonso VIII. I hope one day to visit Spain. I’ll have to pack a big suitcase because I want to see the whole country! I looked on Bing for photographs of Torrevieja. It is beautiful! What are the large, white birds there?

          Bulgaria is beautiful as well. Where do you most prefer living?

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