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  1. All of these photos are absolutely adorable. But why do the scores on some of the photos drop? Does this mean that users are down voting the entries? Why in the world would anyone down vote a photo of someone’s darling pet??? None of these photos deserves to be down voted. Why was this contest set up so that this could happen?

    • Hi Melissa, I am experiencing issues of vote numbers display connected with cookies. If I view this page in an incognito/private window without being logged in, I see the real vote numbers, but if I view in the normal way I see only one vote for my snails!

      • Thanks, Norman. Yeah, maybe it’s a cookie thing. I have something of an aversion to platforms that allow down voting. On Reddit and similar sites that allow it, you see posts with pictures of puppies, babies, grandmothers, etc. inevitably earn down votes from what I can only presume are immature a-holes. With so many real issues to disapprove of, I can’t for the life of me understand why someone would reject little bits of innocuous joy and warmth.

        P. S. I love your snail and her pup. What are their names?

        • That was Pedro and Pedrino, if I’m not confusing them (I had 3 adults and several babies at the same time, and it’s about 6 years ago) 🙂
          In practice I have hardly ever seen the down-vote used (the owner of the post (not the individual picture) gets a notification of who votes up or down) though with this site’s rapid growth all is fluid.
          Regarding your pair of goofs, I see just 3 votes from here, but 13 if I look incognito, so there may actually not be any downvoting taking place.


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