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An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but what about an animal a day? Pets manage to bring so much joy into our lives. They comfort us, make us laugh when we are upset or sick, and are always there for us no matter what. Plus, they can keep an eye on the house while we are out and make us feel safe while we are home alone. There are a number of proven health benefits for people too, including emotional, mental and physical improvements, from decreasing a person’s risk of heart attack to enhancing social skills.

Most people can’t imagine their lives without their adorable fluffy pets. Virily team has decided to reward the owner of the pet with the most votes. So, we are encouraging you to submit a photo of your cute pet, who knows, you may own the cutest pet and you weren’t aware of that.

The list will be open for submissions only 10 days, so hurry up and tell everyone who has a pet to drop an image here and of course to vote for your pet.


The money will be added up to the winner’s balance at the end of the month.

Submission End Date: 2017-10-20

Voting End Date: 2017-10-20



#1 A-LUIGH & Sparky

Meet my son and his pet, Sparky. Sparky is a half breed (Bulldog + stray dog). He was given to us by a friend. Sparky is a huge dog. He stands almost 5.5 feet on two legs. The unusual thing about him is that we never see him bark at strangers. He's a very friendly dog.

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#2 My dog Frani

Meet Frani. She is a 13 year old Australian Cattle dog. She's my best friend, my exercise partner, and she’s always happy to see me when I come home.

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#3 Brendel Boo Chilling Out

My cat Brendel loves chilling in the screen room. She looks like she is smiling in this one and saying, "oh my that sunshine sure feels good"! She is my adopted baby. She was on death row when I rescued her.

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#4 My sweetest ‘Explorer’ in Greek ‘Ekserevnitis’

One of the sweetest baby cats I have ever encountered, so friendly, cute and wanting to explore new places all the time.Once he was lost for a whole 48 hours, but finally he came back home and never went too far again..

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#5 Rocky playing with an ant

My cute Rocky playing with an ant. He was still a baby back then.

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#6 Oscar the Bearded Wonder

Oscar is a 1 year old cutie we adopted from the Humane Society after having lost both of our 15 year old dogs just months apart.  He is a mix breed, part Labrador, part Standard Poodle. He has a beard that you can't really see in this shot, mustache and bushy eyebrows. I fell in love with his face.

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#7 This is Kali, my sons dog!

She is a blue Doberman. Good luck everyone and thank you Virily for this cool contest!

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#8 We’re watching you!

These are my two goofy darlings, Hansel and Gretel. I was in our side yard, which is separated from the main yard by a fence, and they just had to find out what I was up to over there.

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#9 My Giant African Snail with her Baby on her Back

This is one big snail. Only one would fit in your hand! Did you know that all snails are hermaphrodites, meaning that they can be both male and female 😮 So it would be just as correct to say the baby is on his Daddy's back, as on her Mummy's back 🙂 How cute and pretty they are together!

When I found her, she was being sold for food, but I decided to keep her as a pet, and what a cutie she turned out to be 🙂

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#10 My Loved Pet Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo the Vinci means everything to me and she is a healthy, happy and kind turtle. The Red Eared Slider is about 8 inches big right now. She loves walking in my backyard and scratching her shell against the rocking chair feet and playing with the fake log with  plants in her tank. She loves being around people that give her attention, and grapes and turtle treats are her favorite types of snacks. I thought this cute turtle would make a unique addition to all the beautifully cared pets out there! ?

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#11 Pure Love

Meet Monique and Percy, brother and sister. Percy is the yellow one. They are always together and groom each other lovingly.

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#12 Am I beautiful?

She is my beautiful Maya. She is 5 years old. In all these years she was my partner and my faithful photo assistant. Unfortunately, a month ago, she suffered a complicated operation of a cervical disc hernia. She is now in recovery and I look forward to making herself totally healthy and to get back just like in this photo.


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#14 Am I going to lose?

This is my cute pet. I call him 'Tiger', as he is brave. He is with me from 2 months. I love him because he loves me. The best thing I like about him is that he is very very faithful and he understands what I say to him.

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#15 MY Sweet Couple Of African Parrots

Meet My Sweet Parrots, My Cousin Send Me From UK. We adopted her 8 Years. When I Was a Child.They are all Together with me. They voice are so Sweet. I Love my Pets always! 

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#17 Fifi – Loveable Havanese

She's technically my mother's dog, but I see her every day so I say she's mine too!  She's a sweet and loveable Havanese breed.  She's great with kids, my 3 year old son has a lot of fun with her!

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#18 Onyx the Dachshund

This is one of my dogs Onyx. She is a dachshund and a very loving and kind dog. She loves to sit in bed all day and sleeps beside my 5 cats. She loves her furry siblings and plays with them all day.

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  1. All of these photos are absolutely adorable. But why do the scores on some of the photos drop? Does this mean that users are down voting the entries? Why in the world would anyone down vote a photo of someone’s darling pet??? None of these photos deserves to be down voted. Why was this contest set up so that this could happen?

    • Hi Melissa, I am experiencing issues of vote numbers display connected with cookies. If I view this page in an incognito/private window without being logged in, I see the real vote numbers, but if I view in the normal way I see only one vote for my snails!

      • Thanks, Norman. Yeah, maybe it’s a cookie thing. I have something of an aversion to platforms that allow down voting. On Reddit and similar sites that allow it, you see posts with pictures of puppies, babies, grandmothers, etc. inevitably earn down votes from what I can only presume are immature a-holes. With so many real issues to disapprove of, I can’t for the life of me understand why someone would reject little bits of innocuous joy and warmth.

        P. S. I love your snail and her pup. What are their names?

        • That was Pedro and Pedrino, if I’m not confusing them (I had 3 adults and several babies at the same time, and it’s about 6 years ago) 🙂
          In practice I have hardly ever seen the down-vote used (the owner of the post (not the individual picture) gets a notification of who votes up or down) though with this site’s rapid growth all is fluid.
          Regarding your pair of goofs, I see just 3 votes from here, but 13 if I look incognito, so there may actually not be any downvoting taking place.


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