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Pit bull goes Viral

What’s up ya’ll? how you doing? hope all is good & strong cause what I’m bringing  you is a special video that tells those that has a fear of pit bulls it’s not the dog’s fault that most pit bulls falls in the wrong hands & it’s the people that think they know how to raise a pit bull well SOME do  & MOST don’t, I’ll put it that way, these dogs CAN BE

Very rewarding dogs IF their in the right hands to be a justice to the family, I’ve had my share of pit bulls in my life time as a matter of fact I have one named Coke & hehe a very smart dog, I myself think if I had my choice over what dog for a family dog I’d go with the pit bull BUT this is where MOST disagree cause of the bad rap they have.

Pit bulls can be a gentle loving caring protective dog all rolled up in one IF trained right. Then on the other hand they can be a dog that has been treated bad & has issues with socialization which is NOT A good thing let me tell you, THEM dogs can be  VERY bad so many times a pit protecting his family get’s killed for DOING his job it’s not right.

But I promise you this that once you watch this loving pit bull from start to finish you’ll wish you had a dog like this cause this is what you CAN get if you treat them right &show the love they deserve to have & never treat them bad habits & abuse them.


What do you think?


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    • I’ve owned plenty in my life time & the one I have now he’s one that
      has a mind of his own & strong as a ox & he hates it when I pick up
      a broom, mop, rake, hoe, it don’t matter to him he goes nuts over it
      barks & runs all over the place but that’s my fault cause I trained him
      to be that way so no one would hurt him IF he happen to get lose.

      Which he has (1) time so far & it JUST so happen there was someone
      outside & I seen HE had a stick trying to keep him away from him which
      AGAIN that’s why I trained him the way I did just CAUSE of this reason
      the person was NEVER attacked & my dog was never hurt with the stick.

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