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October 4 is Happy World Animal Day

Wednesday, 10.4.17

While on my Twitter page, scrolling for interesting tweets, I noticed that Wednesday, October 4th is Happy World Animal Day, which is about being compassionate and caring toward all animals, preventing any cruelty against them, protecting them, saving them, rescuing them, and creating more animal sanctuaries and No-Kill Shelters.

Animal Rights Activist, Gumby D'Arcy

Other ways to help animals include blogging to educate others as well as signing and sharing petitions.

Since autumn 2017 fashions include t-shirts with slogans to make a statement, consider designing your own t-shirt design with an animal rights slogan. I already have a couple of items that I bought at a store, such as an OBEY t-shirt that has Adopt and a graphic drawing of a homeless dog. I also have two leggings, one with graphic pictures of dogs and the other with a graphic drawing of cats. And, I also have an old pin from The Body Shop that has “Against Animal Testing.” I am like a walking advertisement promoting animal rights.


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