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My Cat Tinker and His Noises

I have a concern about my oldest cat. I told all of you that Tinker my oldest cat is about 22 years old.  He also takes insulin. His blood sugar has been dropping, so he gets to take less insulin now.  

My other cat Zinger has been nipping at him, and lately he has been making like squalling noises. He mainly does it when Zinger is around him. Zinger lights to play rough, and Tinker is too old to handle rough playing.

Lately I have been putting Zinger into a separate room while we are away from the house. I give him food water, and he has his litter box in there too. 

Just one time yesterday Zinger was not by Tinker and I her that weird noise once again.  I want to know if it is normal for this type of noise to be from a cat. He never did that before. He only done it once yesterday, and acted normal the rest of the day. Do you think this sounds normal or not? I am going to take him to the vet next week about it. 

Does you pet have strange behaviors in your opinion?


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What do you think?


Written by LaJenna

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  1. Sounds strange. Do let us know what the vet says. My cat Sid is 12. He has one habit I have long gotten used to. When he has to vomit up a hairball he makes a sound like he is about to sing an operatic aria and hits all the high notes. Then comes the hairball and it is all over until the next time. When I first heard this many years ago he really scared me.

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