Peppie and his niece Munni

Peppie is Kittie’s son and Munnie is Peppie’s sister Pinkie’s daughter   They were all born here.  Munnie seems to enjoy herself having a good time clinging to her uncle. 

They all get along well and it is a joy to watch them play together, eat together, take strolls together and sleep together. 

It is only when the tomcats grow up that they roam around and you know why.  Lolly has still not returned. 

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Written by grace


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  1. I am glad they get along. My Sophie came to live with me at 3 months old. She was found at 2 days old by a family and they kept her till 3 months old and then gave her away. She will be 6 in August. She is very entertaining and adorable.


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