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My best friend

My best friend, my husky DEMON someone who is happy when I come home, a friend would betray me but my dog won’t. He knows me, understands me when I talk to him, knows when I am sorry to have me and smile, he likes to run to when he is hungry, I love my dog and for no one would give it. Who does not have a dog do not know what I’m talking about.


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Written by Bobi Trajanoski


  1. I love dogs and I used to have a husky but he died. It made me sad so much so that I’ve decided not to get a dog until I’m ready to move on. But I have a cat now and I’m happy with him.

    I will surely get a dog again someday.

  2. Dogs are definitely the most loyal of animals. My dog, a yellow lab, actually knows many words of the human language and stands by me through everything.

  3. Having a furry friend is everything in life. I recently adopted two cats and they are my life. They are still too young, turned four months old today, January 25th, but I couldn’t be any happier! My house? Destroyed! But they are babies and will grow up!

    I will be posting pictures of them for you to see as well, Bobi Trajanoski!

    Wish you a nice day/night! ?