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Moths that visit me

We have lots of types of moths in Malaysia… I guess if you’re not a moth fan, that would be bad news.  I have moths that fly in through the window and don’t want to leave… and I have moths that wait in ambush in the corridors of my apartment building – so that you MUST walk past them, and of course they then start flying at you!

One thing when you have a passion for photography, you tend to aim and shoot anything you come across. Including these moths!  Here, I have two of the larger species that we get around here – they are kind of impressive, and scary!

This is a Tropical Swallowtail Moth (Lyssa zampa), measuring about six inches across – imagine this flying at you!  I have been ‘lucky'(?) to experience tens or dozens of these at a time on walls fluttering around me during the moth season. Not a pleasant experience at all!

This beauty is the Snakehead Moth or Atlas moth (Attacus atlas). See the snake heads at each end of its wings?  Found this particular one sitting on the lobby floor of my apartment one night.  Its wingspan reached over 10 inches in length, and is considered one of the largest moths around!

Hope you enjoyed this little moth tour with me… please feel free to share this if you like.  Cheers!


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  1. Great moths, AC! I don’t much like when they fly into my face, but I quite like moths 🙂 And funny enough, ‘moth’ is Dublin vernacular (among male youth) for a girl/girlfriend!