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Fascinating Fantasy-Like Photos With Real Wild Animals !

A girl that enjoys a hug with a bear looks so cute. And if you think that this photo is done with Photoshop, then you are so wrong. Don;t believe me? Read on and find out more about this!

The Russian photographer Olga Barantseva is a professional when it comes to fantasy photos. And the best part is that her artwork is not created by a programme. The photos you will see are real. Seems like wild animals and girls get along pretty well. And you will be certainly amazed by her concept of photography. These mesmerizing images show the bond between the wildness and the humans. You will see so many different types of animals.

Probably the most famous is the brown bear. Watching a pretty lady being hugged by a enormous bear might feel a little scary. But, this is not an ordinary bear. Meet Stepan, probably the most famous bear in Russia. He was saved as a starving 3-month cub. When he grew up, he was so friendly and was not ready for the wild life. And today he is a model and actor too. This cute bear loves to take part in photo sessions and cuddle with girls.

Check out the mesmerizing gallery of Stepan the bear and his friends! What do you think about these photos? Do they appear cute or creepy to you? Also, don’t forget to vote for you favorite photo and share this post with your animal-loving friends!


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