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Momma Kitty

Momma Kitty 3/01/87 ~ 7/03/11

Momma Kitty has been part of my life since 1987. I lost her on Sunday July 3, 2011. She was 24 years old. Yes, 24 years old!

She made one last trip to Dustin’s memorial garden in the backyard on June 29th, only four days before I lost her. This was a daily ritual for her. I always believed she knew the garden was for Dustin. And now it is also her garden and final resting place.

I know she is at peace. And she lived a long healthy life. I could not ask for more. These last few days I find myself looking for her and listening for her meow and her little paws on the floor. I will hold tight to all the wonderful memories she left and once again, work towards finding peace.

You were loved Momma Kitty. Rest in peace.


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Written by Carol DM