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Meet Fiona, The Cane Corso Who Can’t Use Her Hindquarters But She Can Help Kids With Autism

While I was searching on the Internet I stopped scrolling when I saw this interesting post. This story is about Liz Sawyers-Robles and her Cane Corso rescue, Fiona who can’t use her hindquarters. When Fiona got here, her life was absolutely filled with doctor visits. She saw a chiropractor, had acupuncture and exercised on an underwater treadmill. After all the couple planned to adopt her but Fiona had permanent place in their home. As Liz watched her special needs puppy struggle she thought that Fiona is wonderful example for the patients she counsels at KidVentures Therapy. And here is what he said:

I was hoping there would be a connection,” Sawyers-Robles says. “There was an immediate click. Even though (the kids) don’t have the words to tell us, most of them know they’re different. And Fiona is different, too. They relate to her on some level.” … “

Amazing story about this hero dog. Greetings and have a nice day 🙂


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Written by Nik