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Mastering the Walk..

Here are three different dogs, with three different personalities, therefore three different things we continuously have to work on. There was a concert in the park, and there was a surf contest. It was Paul Mitchell’s Supergirl Pro Surf Contest and the beach was packed full of people, dogs, bikes, and skateboards. We decided it would be a good idea to take the dogs for some much needed socialization in a crowded place.

“The Pack”, my son and daughter in law’s Doberman Pinscher and Husky Dane mix, along with my Meika, the white wolfdog, all pictured above.

We practiced calm submissive behavior..

And took a small break before we tackled the crowds…

They did really good with the crowds!! It was a great walk.

I use Cesar Millan’s way of training. Mastering the walk is a really good read.


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        • No problem. You usually write really good stories to go with your photos, you shouldnt have a problem with the 100 word articles or the 50 word single photo posts. I have learned that the open lists are a waste of time, unless they do some tweaking to it. I usually just go for the long articles as i find I am not a loss for words. lol Good luck, its a very new site, be patient with them. They really try hard.

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